Darkest Dim // Music Video


When a female robot (Jennifer Lee/Tokimonsta), whose job is to manage the playlist of a sleeper’s dreams (Gavin Turek), accidentally mixes one dream into another, she remixes the sleeper’s bedroom into an altered dream world, thus becoming a Dream Remixer.


Director – Doug Chang
Cast – Jennifer Lee (Tokimonsta), Gavin Turek
Producers – Doug Chang, Beth Li, Daniel Choi
Associate Producer – Elizabeth Bayne
Director of Photography – Charles C. Rose
Storyboard – Doug Chang, Chris Acedillo
Cinematography – Chris Acedillo, Clair Chang, James Phan
Production Design – Amanda Lane
Production Art Direction – Noelle Karman
Concept Art – Velwyn Yossy
Editor – Jorge Sandoval
Color – Clair Chang
Costume Design – Matt Lee, Esther Park
Mask Design – Hugo Pilates
Make Up / Hair – Lucy Gedjeyan
2nd Unit Director – Daniel Choi
Assistant Directors – Carlo Paganoni, Elizabeth Bayne
Photographers – Adrienne Garcia, James Phan
Art Department – Beth Li, Daniel Choi, Nancy Lopez, Miri Crystal Kim
VFX Supervisor – Doug Chang
Optical Effects – Daniel Choi, Pavin Chaisua
Design / Animation – Beth Li, Matt Lee, Daniel Choi, Esther Park
1st AC – Mike Reyes, Conrad Curtis
2nd AC – Mitchell Yee
Crew – Paul Saskas, Eric Wallace, Wanhi Lee, Alex Bai, Johnny Byul Lee, Derek Brown, Tim Hendrix
Set Builders – Nguyen Do, Steve Lee, Pavin Chaisua
Playback – Seunga Lee

Original Song – Darkest Dim by Tokimonsta Featuring Gavin Turek from Creature Dreams EP on Brainfeeder

Produced at Art Center College of Design
Ming Tai, Charles C Rose, Paul Saskas, Marcie Begleiter

Many Thanks to Ming Tai, Marcie Begleiter, Nik Hafermas, Steve Kim, Kaan Atilla, Chris Do, Kickstarter.com, Kickstarter Contributors


For more info, please visit http://pitchfork.com/tv/musicvideos/1809-darkest-dim-ft-gavin-turek/

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AFH? (Away From Home)… in Hawaii!

Shooting a wedding at the new Disney Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii !!


So I apologize ahead of time for delayed responses to my emails, texts, and voicemails. I will be back Thanksgiving day. Until then, Happy Thanksgiving and check back for the Snow White Themed Wedding Disney Same Day Edit after the break…

Congrats Sharon + Chris!

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Crystal + Andrew… ENGAGED! // Photo Session

Their story? They visit art galleries often and this one time, Andrew got in touch with one of the painters there to paint a picture of him proposing to Crystal. His plan was to arrive at the scene with the painting already done, she would see it, and he would propose. Very Cute. The challenge? Trying to convey the artist what exactly they were going to wear in the future. Andrew knew exactly what he was going to wear. Crystal, did too… but later changed her mind! So with a last minute call, Andrew got in touch with the painter to inform him that she changed her dress for that day. Everything worked out. If you look at the painting closely, you will see the artist also painted the same painting on the background, giving an infinite dimension effect.



I’ve known Andrew since the 7th grade when we were… you know, the same height =). It’s rare and crazy to say we have friends from over a decade! Or maybe we’re just getting old. When Andrew first introduced Crystal, I was already envious of the love they shared. They decided to have their engagement session at a place where he first took her on a date: San Diego. It’s my first time shooting here and I must say, I think I fell in love with San Diego.

Congratulations Crystal + Andrew!



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Karla + Nelson. Engaged! // Photo Session

Chris Ace Films + Stills? Maybe. I do enjoy taking photos, especially at colorful places! I’ve never been to the LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa. I’m not sure why it’s called the Anti-Mall. Maybe it’s because there’s less than 10 stores? Or maybe it’s because it’s so artsy? It also seems to be a popular spot because there were other photographers doing the same thing. Anyway, this is my very first time photographing a couple and I must say they were fun to shoot! Although the harsh daylight made it challenging, the energy of Karla and Nelson made it fun! Congratulations Karla + Nelson! In just 2 months, this couple will be married!


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