Photosodes Episode 17: Bridal Make-Up

This is our first photosode where we’re actually not the expert at the topic at hand, in fact we know very little about this week’s photosode. So we bring Jen who’s a professional make up artist to talk to us about her techniques while she’s putting make up on our model Mylinh. In this photosode you’ll see the step by step process from start to finish on what a make up artist does to a bride. You may or may not know that make up and hair can completely transform someone’s appearance, and if done right, make up can turn you from awesome to super awesome.

Thank you Jen and Mylinh for coming into help us!

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Photosodes Episode 16: Studio Lighting!

This is my second time editing & filming for Photosodes!

Studio Lighting!! Swimsuit Model!!! Photosodes Episode 16!!! Yes, we’re here for a special on studio photo shoot with our sexy swimsuit model Lana. We show different light modifiers like a giant softbox, strip light with a grid, a beauty dish with a sock, and an umbrella. All using a White Lightning 1600 from Paul C. Buff.

Enjoy and please let us know what you think!

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