Mei + Nick // Director’s Cut

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It has been nearly 4 years since the last time I got to shoot here at the Old Ranch Country Club. Such an amazing space with lots of options for photo session. I was even granted permission to fly my drone! As big as the area was, I still didn’t want to disrupt the golfers…

Today’s wedding was all in the same site! SOOO convenient! To top it off, we got to work with an amazing photographer, Chris Tran! Although it was our first time working together, we clicked so well like childhood friends (at least I felt that way). Getting in tune with the photographer just makes the day flow so much smoother. In addition, Mei and Nick was fun to work with. I’ve actually known Nick since High School, so when I heard he was getting hitched, I was secretly hoping he’d contact me. We have a lot of shared interest like cars and fitness, but that wedding day, his interest was solely on Mei. Such a beautiful bride and dress!

We ended the day with Carmela Ice Cream! Yes, that’s right! It was amazing and there was a never-ending line for it too! In fact it was so popular, we had to close the station so that guests would return to their seats and not miss the events! Anyway, the day turned out amazing as you can see with the edit!

Congratulations Mei and Nick!

Venue: Old Ranch Country Club, Seal Beach CA
Photography: Christopher Tran Photography
Florist: Gloria Smith @ East West Florist
Ice Cream: Carmela Ice Cream
Cake: Great Dane Baking Company
Uplighting: Terry @ In Light Lighting
Music: Licensed by Music Bed
Music: Licensed by Song Freedom

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Christina + Matthew // SDE

So this wedding in particular is a huge milestone for me because this AMAZING wedding I got to capture today was my 100th wedding!! I can’t believe we have come this far and it all wouldn’t have been possible with out my talented team here.

Christina and Matthew’s wedding had a elegant rustic style to it. I’ve actually known Matthew since 2006 ~ at my Alma Mater. I met him in a Pharmaceutical Club called “Pills”. Since then, I haven’t heard from him since last year when I was contacted for their wedding day. And I must say that Christina is an expert crafter! She nearly made all of the props at her wedding. Including this amazing wall of flowers made of paper! There were TWO of these!! Everyone was taking non-stop photos of selfless with it.

 photo Messages Image1132084087_zps7frk7a3z.jpg

Although it was nearly a 15 hour day, it was exciting all throughout! We started the day at the Wyndham for wedding prep and first look, and followed by a tea ceremony at Christina’s house. We headed over to St. Boniface Church for the ceremony (super beautiful and spacious church) and afterwards we got to capture their couple session at the Crystal Cathedral (Christ Cathedral). I love this place! So many places to shoot without restriction. I can’t wait until the main glass hall opens up. We finished the day at Wyndham Anaheim. This venue now ranks one of my top venues! Or maybe it’s because of the way it was designed by the couple?

All the vendors were so great to work with. We got to show the SDE an hour earlier than anticipated. So right when the photo montage played, the SDE followed and then a SURPRISE performance from a singer from little saigon… and then, Matthew stood up, got his Guitar and played/sang a written song for Christina. There was so many events throughout the day that it was difficult to pick and choose what parts would make it to the edit. Anyway, enjoy!

by the way, Happy Father’s Day everyone!


Check out our their Director’s Cut!

Preparation + Reception: Wyndham, Garden Grove CA
Church: St Boniface Catholic Church, Anaheim CA
DJ/MC: Dzien Nguyen @ DJZ Productions
Photography: Joe Szeto Photography
Make-Up/Hair: Vincent Tran
Florist: Kim Chi Flowers
Photobooth: Drunken Pixel Photobooth
Cake: Queenie @ Final Touch Bakery
Catering: Furiawa Restaurant

Ben Rector – “When I’m With You” // Licensed with The Music Bed

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Melanie + Mecca // Director’s Cut

The only thing more beautiful than a bride is having TWO! I’ve been so excited to share my first same-sex wedding since their wedding in March. Being my first same-sex wedding, it was a bit challenging and different to piece this story together in the editing room. Two Brides, two bouquets, two amazing dresses – all captured with two shooters. Even during the day, some things had to be shot a little differently. For example, for the first look, we had to have them approach each other backwards so that they both don’t see each other’s dresses! And when they did, it was such a priceless moment.

I had the great privilege to work with Erich Chen again so capturing these two beauties was a lot of fun for all of us. Aside from the beautiful venue at the Newland Barn, there was great food and music; but my favorite part was the wedding theme was all in WHITE! So of course, Erich and I also partook in the dress code. What a great way to start a 2015 Director’s Cut, LOVE this wedding! Congratulations Melanie + Mecca! Enjoy!

Ceremony/Reception: Newland Barn, Huntington Beach CA
Photo: Erich Chen Photography
Music: Licensed by Music Bed
Music: Licensed by Song Freedom

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Lisa + Jeff // SDE

First SDE for 2015! Every time I come into a SDE wedding, it’s never the same – and I think that’s the beauty of it. With all the successful SDE’s, I would think it would get easier, but each time is so unique to its event, storyboard, couple, and feelings. Each time there’s something new to learn that keeps me on my toes – but wow, what a rush!

But of course, the SDE would be nothing without a great A-Team and great vendors to work with. This was our first time working with Judy and Gavin and they were so amazing to work with. Their exceptional talent matched with their team workability and I truly believe our combined efforts proved synergistic. All the vendors were so accommodating that it made the day run so smoothly despite the hiccups along the way. There are so many variables when it comes to weddings that we’ve learned to accept that bad things can happen and all we can do, is be prepared.

We started our day at the beautiful Langham Hotel for the preparation, door games, tea ceremony and couple session part 1. The ceremony + reception was at the Ambassador Mansion. Also definitely a beautiful place but a tiring one too! With all the elevation changes, we got a free workout! I clocked in at 10,153 steps at 5.04 miles, but then again, I was editing for most of the time so it may have been higher for my shooters. Lisa and Jeff were so great to work with. We even got a goodie bag full of snacks to keep our stomachs full until dinner.

One last thing, one of my shooters (Alan Silva) is also an artist and decided to stop-motion a drawn copy of their engagement photo. You can follow his work on Instagram: ArtistiqueImagery



Preparation: Langham, Pasadena, CA
Ceremony/Reception: Ambassador Mansion, Pasadena CA
Photo: Judy + Gavin Photography
Make-Up/Hair: Grace Line Make up + Hair

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