Melanie + Mecca // Director’s Cut

The only thing more beautiful than a bride is having TWO! I’ve been so excited to share my first same-sex wedding since their wedding in March. Being my first same-sex wedding, it was a bit challenging and different to piece this story together in the editing room. Two Brides, two bouquets, two amazing dresses – all captured with two shooters. Even during the day, some things had to be shot a little differently. For example, for the first look, we had to have them approach each other backwards so that they both don’t see each other’s dresses! And when they did, it was such a priceless moment.

I had the great privilege to work with Erich Chen again so capturing these two beauties was a lot of fun for all of us. Aside from the beautiful venue at the Newland Barn, there was great food and music; but my favorite part was the wedding theme was all in WHITE! So of course, Erich and I also partook in the dress code. What a great way to start a 2015 Director’s Cut, LOVE this wedding! Congratulations Melanie + Mecca! Enjoy!

Ceremony/Reception: Newland Barn, Huntington Beach CA
Photo: Erich Chen Photography
Music: Licensed by Music Bed
Music: Licensed by Song Freedom

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Lisa + Jeff // SDE

First SDE for 2015! Every time I come into a SDE wedding, it’s never the same – and I think that’s the beauty of it. With all the successful SDE’s, I would think it would get easier, but each time is so unique to its event, storyboard, couple, and feelings. Each time there’s something new to learn that keeps me on my toes – but wow, what a rush!

But of course, the SDE would be nothing without a great A-Team and great vendors to work with. This was our first time working with Judy and Gavin and they were so amazing to work with. Their exceptional talent matched with their team workability and I truly believe our combined efforts proved synergistic. All the vendors were so accommodating that it made the day run so smoothly despite the hiccups along the way. There are so many variables when it comes to weddings that we’ve learned to accept that bad things can happen and all we can do, is be prepared.

We started our day at the beautiful Langham Hotel for the preparation, door games, tea ceremony and couple session part 1. The ceremony + reception was at the Ambassador Mansion. Also definitely a beautiful place but a tiring one too! With all the elevation changes, we got a free workout! I clocked in at 10,153 steps at 5.04 miles, but then again, I was editing for most of the time so it may have been higher for my shooters. Lisa and Jeff were so great to work with. We even got a goodie bag full of snacks to keep our stomachs full until dinner.

One last thing, one of my shooters (Alan Silva) is also an artist and decided to stop-motion a drawn copy of their engagement photo. You can follow his work on Instagram: ArtistiqueImagery



Preparation: Langham, Pasadena, CA
Ceremony/Reception: Ambassador Mansion, Pasadena CA
Photo: Judy + Gavin Photography
Make-Up/Hair: Grace Line Make up + Hair

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Fay + Bob // Directors’ Cut

We got the privilege to capture my neighbor’s wedding at two new locations. The Center of the Arts is a place where workshops, exhibits and even music videos are held. We also got to experience Kim Sing Theatre which reminded me of a more modern Smoggshoppe. They furnished the place with some old-school arcade booths, games, and even had a Chinese Lion Dance performance! Definitely a unique experience! We got some session time at the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Pasadena City Hall. Check out their Director’s Cut!

Preparation: Westin, Pasadena, CA
Reception: Kim Sing Theatre, Los Angeles, CA
Ceremony: Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, CA
DJ/MC: Special Occasions, LA
Desserts: A Sweet Life
Hair/Makeup: e2Beauty Hair and Makeup
Florist: Van Nuys Florists
Chinese Lion Dance: San Gabriel Valley Chinese Cultural Association
Music: Licensed by Music Bed
Music: Licensed by Song Freedom

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Josette + Chris // Director’s Cut

I first met with Josette + Chris in mid 2013 when they told me that they wanted a SDE for their wedding. We shared the same taste in music and come wedding day, Josette requested several songs that I loved too!

The ceremony site was a beautiful cathedral-like church with elegant designs inside and out.
This was also the first time we shot at the Sheraton Universal City, which is just minutes away from Universal Studios! In fact, you can see the park from their bedroom suite! The “Starview Ballroom” name is an understatement, at 21 floors, the entire reception has a full surrounding bird’s eye view of Universal City AND the ceiling is shrouded with LED-lit stars that glimmered throughout the evening.

Anyway, check out their Director’s Cut! and iGE #meloveyouwongtime628

Venue: Sheraton, Universal City, CA
Ceremony: Westminister Presbyterian Church
Coordinator: Carole @ Bright Blue Events
Photographer: Erich Chen Photography
MC/DJ: Elevated Pulse
MUAH: Dolled Up by Lulu
Florist: LifeTime Wedding
Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop
Music: Licensed by Music Bed

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