Orlaine + Kaising // Director’s Cut (Destination … Thailand)

So this being our first INTERNATIONAL destination wedding, I have to make an extra special blog post about it. Instead of making this a business only trip, I decided to make it a vacation too. I brought along my favorite photographer and my future Best Man to shoot along side with me. In addition, we brought along our significant others to assist with shooting as well. Our first stop after the 14 hour flight over the Pacific was Taiwan. For 4 days, we discovered Erich’s cultural roots (in food) as we hopped around his town. We had such a meticulously planned trip; since Erich speaks taiwanese/mandarin and Andrea speaks thai, they each planned the itineraries for their countries…we didn’t have do anything! Just sit back, relax, and digest the rich culture and food each country has to offer.

After Taiwan, we spent the remaining 4 days in Phuket, Thailand where I discovered the best Pad Thai EVER. No, but seriously, this whole time, I’ve been loving the Pad Thai here in the States, but after trying the Pad Thai in the motherland… wow. If you ever drop by Phuket, make your way to Peony. Aside from the delicious food, I got a chance to film a lot of our trip, using mainly the drones and hopefully, I can make an edit of that soon to share with you all.

November 11 was the wedding for Orlaine and Kaising who was so kind to get us two enormous suites at the Slate! Thailand, like other neighboring countries in Asia is notorious for the humidity. Definitely a concern for the equipment. However, we were lucky that it wasn’t as humid as feared (even less humid than Miami in summer). Although we had occasional rainfall, it neither rained on the wedding nor our equipment. With such a vast area to explore, we only had minimal time due to the early sunset and limited light. However, we were still able to pull through and create some of the most amazing shots ever. All the events were held at this beautiful resort. I wish we had more time to spend there, seriously the best vacation and business trip ever.

If you haven’t already, check out their original post and Instagram Edit by Clicking Here

Venue: The Slate, Phuket, Thailand
Music: Licensed by Music Bed And Song Freedom

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